Our Projects


We help you identify the best CRM strategy for your organization and implement it with the use of simple, cutting-edge technologies according to your needs.
We also offer advice and support in the introduction of CRM in your company, so that it is easily accepted, used correctly.


We create CRM process driven projects that allow you to easily digitize and implement customer-related business processes within your organization.
With your CRM + BPM application you can design and map your business processes and assign them automatically, monitor their execution and avoid errors.

Are you a certified company and you are not sure how to implement your flows and processes?
Do you have a strategic approach and do you want a tool to make your strategy real?

We help you to design and implement the procedures in your company!


We have designed and implemented several experimental CRM projects with advanced and innovative features, in collaboration with institutions, partners and Universities.


We develop projects that allow you, using the data of your CRM and ERP to create analysis and forecasts on your customers and draft a sort of ranking. In this way you can analyze the profitability of your customers and concentrate efforts and resources in the most fruitful way, as well as implement strategies suitable for their management.

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